Pregnency Yoga

The studio also offers yoga classes for pregnant ladies, yoga can be of great help to the expectant mothers during the pregnancy, at childbirth and in post-delivery stages. The yoga poses and meditation techniques help to make the body more flexible, improve posture, reduce anxiety and ease many pregnancy issues. It prepares both your body and mind for new situations and changes that occur during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be a challenging time, both physically and emotionally. Yoga, helps to ease aches and pains, soothes anxieties and stresses and helps relieve common pregnancy ailments such as heart burn, lower back pain, breathlessness, cramps and insomnia. It creates suppleness and strength in a safe way while being calming and relaxing. Specific breathing practices help to boost energy levels, calm nervousness and develop an awareness of the breath which becomes an invaluable tool during labour. quote-jodonohueBy combining a gentle yet dynamic flowing practice with restorative poses you will leave The Health Cloud Zone’s pregnancy classes feeling physically and emotionally stronger, more positive, energised and relaxed. Classes are suitable from 13 weeks onwards once you have had your scan.

From personal experience Jennie has found that yoga kept her mentally calm and physically comfortable during her pregnancies and prepared her physically and emotionally to give birth calmly with self belief and confidence.